Client References

Brett is a truly trustworthy and reliable person who makes sure my payroll is always on time and done in a professional manner.


I can’t speak highly enough of the service that Brett and Integrated Payroll render to their clients. They are efficient, timely and very very cost conscious while delivering a professional product. Brett is always available to help his clients get what they need. If you are not using Integrated Payroll for your payroll provider and if Brett is not your representative, you need to fix that as soon as possible.


I’ve used Integrated Payroll nearly 4-years now for our digital marketing company and they do a terrific job. My bi-weekly payroll submissions take literally about 4 seconds, with a quick email to my rep and I’m done. It couldn’t be any easier. All of my reps (I’ve had about 4 since I started) have been super responsive. Just what you want from a payroll company. Payroll out of my hair!